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  1. Image_Load


    bool Image_Load(integer ImageNum, string Filename)

    This function load an image from a file to the specified image slot. The image must be in .bmp ARGB uncompressed format. For more informations on exporting on the right image format, see chapter 4 : "Export it in bmp A8R8G8B8 format" in "Make your own blocs" tutorial.
    It is recommended you store your images either in the the squirrel scripts directory or in the script user data directory. Look at the GetPath() function for getting these paths on your programs. Also, dont't forget to get the right path separator for your system with GetInfo(20) rather than using "/" or "" directly.
    So, the right way to specify the filename in your program can be : GetPath(4)+GetInfo(20)+"Photo_2.bmp"


    ImageNum : The number of the image slot. You can use a number from 0 to 63 (included).

    Filename : The filename and path of the image to load.

    Return Value

    A boolean value. True if the operation succeeded. False mean a fail.

    Example of use

    To do.

    // Listing #1: Todo.
    To do

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