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  1. Voxel_GetInfo


    var Voxel_GetInfo(integer x, integer y, integer z, integer register)

    This function querry some informations from a voxel or trigger some functions. Not all voxels support this function. To be able to work with, the voxel must support the interface voxel_getinfo. The returned informations depends on voxels, so this is documented in the manual pages of the voxels supporting this function. This function can only be used in Voxel_Step().


    x,y,z : Location of the voxel to work with (Relative to the robot's location).

    register : This parameter determines the register to read and/or the function to trigger. See the documentation of the voxel you want to work with for values.

    Return Value

    Return type and value depends on the voxel you querried and the register parameter. See documentation of voxels supporting the voxel_getinfo interface for more informations.

    Example of use

    To do.

    // Listing #1: Todo.
    To do

    See Also

    Voxel_SetInfo(), Voxel_GetInfoDoc()


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