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  1. PlaceVoxel3D


    bool PlaceVoxel3D(integer x, integer y, integer z, integer VoxelType)

    Takes a voxel in the robot's inventory and place it at the specified coordinates. This function can only be used in Voxel_Step().


    x,y,z : The coordinates where to place the voxel (Relative to the robot's location). The specified location must be in an accessible portion of the world.

    VoxelType : The VoxelType code of the material you want to place. The requested material must be available in the robot's storage.

    Return Value

    A boolean which is true if the voxel was placed successfully or false otherwise. If you try to access a location that is not in the loaded world, the function will fail. Note that this may occur briefly at any location after resuming from a saved game.

    Example of use

    To do.

    // Listing #1: Todo.
    To do

    See Also

    PickVoxel3D(), MoveVoxel3D(), Look3D()

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