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  1. Look3D


    bool Look3D(integer x, integer y, integer z)

    Scan the specified location and return the voxeltype code of the voxel in this location. This function can only be used in Voxel_Step().


    x,y,z : The coordinates if the location to be scanned (Relative to the robot's location). The specified location must be in an accessible portion of the world.

    Return Value

    An integer with the voxeltype code at the scanned location or -1 if the location can't be reached. If you try to access a location that is not in the loaded world, the function will fail. Note that this may occur briefly at any location after resuming from a saved game.

    Example of use

    To do.

    // Listing #1: Todo.
    To do

    See Also

    PickVoxel3D(), MoveVoxel3D(), PlaceVoxel3D()

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