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  1. School mode

    The school mode is a set of extensions to help teaching programming with Blackvoxel.

    While Blackvoxel provides a programmable robot since a very long time, it is in a game context where the programmable robot is part of the tech tree and can be built only after some time of playing.

    In school mode, the behavior of the game is changed to help teatchers in some ways :

    The programmable robot and some elements for automation can be obtained without having to build them even at the beginning of the game .

    This mode also enable using a fly mode.

    Don't forget to look at the educational material section for teatching resources.

    School Mode Activation.

    In actual version, the school mode was converted to it's own gamemode. Start a new game and choose the School Mode game type.

    Using School Mode 

    Getting Elements  : Open your inventory (i), then use "j" and "k" keys to cycle between pages of contents.

    Stopping all programmable robots : Press "u"

    Use fly mode : Press numeric keypad "3". Then "q" and "z" keys for going up and down. Note these keys can change with non us keyboards. In this case, you can change assignments in the game keyboard options.


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