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  1. Controls

    Keyboard Controls

    This is the base configuration with english QWERTY keyboard.

    Player control

    Left : A
    Right : D
    Forward : W
    Backward : S
    Jump : Space
    No-Fall mode : Left Shift(Right Handed) or Right CTRL(Left Handed)
    No-Fall Lock : Caps Lock
    Quit Game : Escape
    Suicide : Del
    Inventory : i
    Next Tool : f
    Stop all robot programs : u


    Display documentation about the designated voxel. : F1

    Various Functions

    The "fear key" (Never use it) : Shift + F10
    Enable / Disable  mouse pointer capture : F2
    Leave Blackvoxel Windows : F4
    Force save : F5
    Toggle croshair : F6
    Display Player location (on teminal) : F8
    Show FPS informations : F7

    School Mode

    Switch content pages in inventory : j,k
    Fly Mode : Numeric Keypad 3 or CTRL Q (Fly Up)
    Stop Flying : Numeric Keypad 0 or CTRL Z (Fly Down)
    Fly Up : Q
    Fly Down : Z


    Enter in vehicle : Middle mouse button or key v
    Get out of a vehicle : e
    Driving : Move mouse left, right, up or down.

    Mouse controls

    (With base Construction tool)

    All mouse button have keyboard equivalents.

    Left Mouse Button (or key c) : Place Voxel.
    Right Mouse Button (or key b) : Destroy Voxel
    Middle Mouse Button (or key v) : Activate Voxel function.
    Scroll Up/Down (or keys x/n) : Select Voxel to place.
    View direction : Mouse movement.


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