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  1. Running Blackvoxel on the Raspberry Pi

    Installing Blackvoxel on the Raspberry Pi.

    (1) Download Blackvoxel .deb package in the download section

    (2) Install the Package.

    • Run the file manager (icon bar).
    • Double click on the file you downloaded, this will install the game.
    • The system will ask for your user password. If you didn't changed it, the default password is "raspberry".

    (3) Update your system.

    • Open the terminal (icon bar),
    • type : sudo apt-get update
    • type : sudo apt-get upgrade

    (3) Enable the OpenGL Driver. 

    • type sudo raspi-config
    • In Advanced Options, enable the OpenGL driver to "FULL KMS"
    • In Advanced Options, set the Memory Split to 128 Mo.

    (4) Uninstall Compton as Blackvoxel will not run well along with. (slow, screen flashes, crashes).

    • Type sudo apt-get purge compton

    (5) Reboot your PI and launch Blackvoxel from the application menu, in the Games section.

    : It's your own responsibility to check that your PI is sufficiently cooled when running Blackvoxel because video games are resource demanding programs. Avoid any insufficiently cooled enclosure.

    In case of doubt, you can check your temperature while running blackvoxel by typing the following commands in a terminal :

    • vcgencmd measure_temp  (for checking GPU temp).
    • cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp  (for CPU temp, divide the result by 1000)


    Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. 


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