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  1. Voxel Interfaces

    Voxel Interfaces are programmable abstractions allowing programming voxels and inter voxel communication.

    In blackvoxel, the voxels can act like a network of nodes which interracts themselves and exchanging data and materials.

    These interfaces
    determine which interactions can be made between the voxels.

    More interfaces are comming soon.


    The voxel_input inteface allows the equiped voxels to receive other voxels sent through this interface.

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    The voxel output interface allow equiped voxels to give voxels trought the interface to other voxels.

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    The voxel_getinfo interface allow getting informations about a voxel from a programmable units.

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    The voxel_setinfo interface allow setting values and triggering functions in some voxel with a programmable unit.

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