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  1. How to use Manufacturing Instructions

    Many voxels of the game does not occur naturally. They must be manufactured. When this is the case, the method of manufacture is indicated in the manual.

    Manufacturing Instructions

    Example of a method of manufacture :

    Construction Machine

    Required Items


    The table is composed of several elements:

    • Construction Machine : The machine you must use to make the voxel. You start the game with one machine but you must make all others.
    • Required items : The list of items required for manufacturing. You must have all the elements in the required quantities.
    • Result : What you get at the end of the process.

    How to apply Manufacturing Instructions

    • Place the construction machine on the floor.
    • Place the required elements one by one next to the machine (on one of the 4 directly adjacent squares). Whenever you will put an item, it will disappear swallowed by the machine. This is normal. You can put the items in any order except the final blackrock blue which must be placed at the end (it is a "validator").
    • Once the elements introduced in the machine, it will produces the result. If it doesn't work or if the result does not meet your expectations, you must have made something wrong in the materials or the quantities. In this case, do not destroy the machine since you'll lost everithing you put in it. Try to put another blackrock blue in the machine to swith to eject mode. Get your materials back and verify what you've done. Then try again from start.

    Note that there are rare machines that doesn't work like indicated here (like melting furnace). In these cases, there working are detailled in their page on the manual.



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