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  1. Voxel_GetInfoDoc


    var Voxel_GetInfoDoc(integer voxeltype, integer register, integer doctype)

    This function is a kind of autodocumentation system for voxels supporting voxel_getinfo and voxel_setinfo interfaces. You can get explanations of the register purpose, accepted types and other informations. Of course, the voxel must support the voxel_getinfo or voxel_setinfo interfaces. Look at list of the voxels supporting this function. This function can only be used in Voxel_Step().


    voxeltype : The voxeltype code of the voxel. The voxel_getinfo and/or voxel_setinfo must be supported by this kind of voxel.

    register : The register you want to get info on.

    doctype : The type of information you want to get. Look at the following table for values:



    Meaning of response
    0 string Explanation of the register purpose.
    1 string Indicates whether the register supports reading and writing. The values can be "r", "w" or "rw".
    2 string Read mode returned data type.
    3 string Write mode returned data type.

    Return Value

    The returned data type and value depends on parameters but is mostly string. If something fail, the boolean false value will be returned.

    Example of use

    To do.

    // Listing #1: Todo.
    To do

    See Also

    Voxel_GetInfo(), Voxel_SetInfo()


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