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  1. Sequencer



    The Sequencer is a machine designed to schedule a set of voxels. The purpose of the sequencer is to create sequences of voxels in a given order to facilitate the use of machinery or automate their use.

    How to use it

    The Sequencer includes an user interface in order to program the desired sequence and the output position. The interface will be displayed by clicking the middle button of the mouse while pointing the sequencer voxel with the crosshair. Once sequence is programmed, the Sequencer will accepts material input on each of its sides except the one designated as output. Only materials that are part of the sequence will be accepted at input. Once all the material of the sequence are inside the sequencer, it switches in output mode and the materials will start to get out of the Sequencer in the order and amount specified by the sequence.

    In Sequencer's interface, the topmost slots will store the incoming materials. The middle slot group represents the programmed sequence. The bottom group is the player's inventory. Each slot represents one step in the sequence which are counted for the voxel type and quantity.

    Important : The sequence must be completed by the End Mark voxel.

    Useful Tip : The Alignment Voxel can help you for setting the output position.

    The Sequencer user interface

    Blackvoxel Sequencer interface

    The output side code

    Position Code

    How to make it

    Use the following manufacturing instructions to make the item. If you do not know how to use them, follow how to understand manufacturing instructions.

    Construction Machine

    Required Items


    How to collect it

    You can collect it using any constructor/destructor.

    Technical data

    Active Voxel : Yes
    Physical Form : Solid
    Interface(s) : None
    VoxelType : 198

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