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  1. Train T0

    Train T0


    Train T0 is a vehicle on rail designed for long distance displacement with antomatic guidance. This entry level train provide a modest speed and a payload of only 4 cubes. However, it's speed can be greatly improved with train engines(up to 4) at the price of usefull payload.

    Trains are guided by rails, so you don't have much displacement freedom. However, when running on a "T" junction, you can chose to go right or left by pressing the direction you want to go before reaching the junction. At the end of the line, the train will stop automaticaly.

    Train is the less stressfull and safest way to travel in Blackvoxel and also the fastest when using fully upgraded high end version. However, you'll have to build a rayway line.

    How to use it

    A train must be composed of two T0 "locomotives" voxels with 0 to 4 other voxels "wagons" in between. One ore more "wagon" voxels can be replaced by Train Engine in order to boost train speed.  The whole train should be put on Rail line. Once the train is correctly made, you can board it by clicking the middle mouse button (or the corresponding keyboard key) on one of the "locomotives" depending on the direction you want to travel to. Acceleration is controlled with the mouse forward and backward displacement. The "strafe left" and "strafe right" keys presselect direction choosen when crossing a "T" junction.
    Using the "E" key to get out while train is completely stopped and thrust set to zero.
    Note that you can mix locomotive types on the same train. However, the restriction on the "wagon" numbers remains when riding the lowest level one.

    Train T0 example of composition.

    How to make it

    Use the following manufacturing instructions to make the item. If you do not know how to use them, follow how to understand manufacturing instructions.

    Construction Machine

    Required Items


    How to collect it

    You can collect it using any constructor/destructor.

    Technical data

    Active Voxel : No
    Physical Form : Solid
    Interface(s) : None
    VoxelType : 269

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