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  1. Airport Runway

    Airport Runway


    The Airport Runway voxel is intended to build airfields. Use this block to make a long track where the Plane Z0 can takeoff and landing. The Airport Runway provide a strong modular structure to build airtrack quickly and and integrated lighting system to provide long distance visibility.
    The Plane Z1 can also land on the Airport Runway and will benefit of a much shorter landing.

    How to use it

    Build a long track using this block as pavement. Be careful to make it long enough. Take care as you need much more track for landing than for take off.

    Runway Track Example

    How to make it

    Use the following manufacturing instructions to make the item. If you do not know how to use them, follow how to understand manufacturing instructions.

    Construction Machine

    Required Items


    How to collect it

    You can collect it using any constructor/destructor.

    Technical data

    Active Voxel : Yes
    Physical Form : Solid
    Interface(s) : None
    VoxelType : 240

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