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  1. Melting Furnace

    Melting Furnace


    The Melting Furnace is a machine used for basic metallurgy. It is used to melt materials. Once melted, the materials exit the furnace as a molten liquid. Be careful not to burn yourself! You can create alloys by mixing the molten materials after they leave the furnace. You must wait for complete cooling to collect the resulting materials, but you can speed up the cooling by contact with water.
    The energy used to melt the materials is supplied by the coal you'll find in the ground. Coal must be introduced into the melting furnace before each material to melt. But the amount of coal you use will also affect the composition of your alloys. Be rigorous in composition of your alloys, otherwise you will not get anything worthwhile.

    Blackvoxel melting furnace

    How to use it

    Put coal beside the furnace, then the material to melt.

    The materials you can melt.

    Iron Ore
    Chrome Ore
    Nickel Ore
    Copper Ore
    Titanium Ore
    Tin Ore
    Lead Ore
    Aluminium Ore

    Alloy compositions

    To make an alloy composed of several metals, the molten metal blocks must be touching in order to mix. You can make a pit behind the furnace to achieve this.

    Result   Composition Exemple of composition
    Iron bar No more than 2%
    Grey Cast Iron Bar
    Stainless Steel Bar
    No more than 2%
    Fill upto 100%

    Copper Bar
    98.5 - 99%
    Bronze Bar
    90.5 - 79%
    8.5 - 19.5%

    Titanium Bar Max 1%
    Aluminium Bar Max 1%

    Lead Bar Max 1%
    Tin Bar Max 1%

    Material cooling

    The melted alloy will cool down by it's themselves after some time. It is possible to accelerate cooling by contact with water.

    Cooled alloy blocs.

    How to make it

    Use the following manufacturing instructions to make the item. If you do not know how to use them, follow how to understand manufacturing instructions.

    Construction Machine

    Required Items


    How to collect it

    You can collect it using any constructor/destructor.

    Technical data

    Active Voxel : Yes
    Physical Form : Solid
    Interface(s) : None
    VoxelType : 114

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