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  1. Blackvoxel 2.20 "Scratch Compatible" edition

    On Monday 27th November 2017

    A new educationnal edition of Blackvoxel is out : The v2.20 "Scratch compatible" edition.

    This release bring out a third programmable robot : The Remote Robot. This new device can be driven with the Scratch programming language.

    At the base of this feature, Blackvoxel now integrate a webserver extension in order to receive external JSon commands from any external program. Along, we provide the first interface to drive it : an extension for the Scratch visual programming environnement.

    As Scratch environnment is often used to teatch in schools, these extensions and their "end user" documentation need to be localized. For starting, we provide English and French versions. Contributions and help are welcome for other translations.

    Don't forget to enable the web extensions in order to use the Scratch extensions.

    Read the following informations to get started:

    Remote Robot Manual

    The Remote Robot

    This new Blackvoxel version also bring some other changes, here is the complete list of changes:

    • Fixed a bug with mouse setting factor
    • New keys CTRL-Q(Fly Up) and CTRL-Z(Fly Down) for school mode fly mode on keyboards without a numeric keypad
    • Added the F4 key for leaving Blackvoxel Windows
    • Changed Framerate key from F12 to F7 (some keyboards don't have F11 and F12)
    • Ergonomic improvement for left handed users : RCTRL can also be used for anti fall

    Report any difficulties in the Blackvoxel forum.

    The Blackvoxel Team


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