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  1. Installation

    (1) Using with Scratch 2.0

    The following tutorial cover installation instructions that are only required for the first use. After installation, you'll have only to launch Blackvoxel, Scratch and to load the Javascript extension in Scratch.

    First, we'll configure Blackvoxel in windowed mode. That way, you can work with Blackvoxel in one window and Scratch in another one on the same screen.

    • Launch Blackvoxel, go to the Options, then on Display submenu and uncheck the "Full Screen" checkbox. 
    • Eventually, you can choose a low resolution in order to have a little window.
    • Save and exit Blackvoxel.

    Now, we'll need to activate the remote extension server in Blackvoxel. This is "off" by default. This server allow an external software like Scratch to send commands to the Remote Robot.

    • Relaunch Blackvoxel, go to the Options, then on the Gameplay submenu
    • Activate the "Web Extnsions" checkbox
    • Activate the "School Mode" checkbox (if you want to use it in regular adventure game, don't check).
    • Save
    • Now you can launch a game.
    • In Windows Operating System, you'll get a prompt from the firewall asking for authorisation to use the network for communication. Blackvoxel uses TCP/IP network sockets for communication with Scratch, so it must be enabled in order to work.
    • You are now in the game. If you enabled the School Mode, you can use the "J" and "K" keys to get the Remote Robot in the inventory. If the School Mode is not enabled, you'll have to follow the manufacturing instruction as any other item in non School Mode.
    • Place the Remote Robot on the screen

    The last point is to launch Scratch in your browser. In order to load the extension, we'll use the ScratchX version. Your browser need to support the Flash Player in order to run ScratchX 2.0.

    • Download the Blackvoxel Scratch extension plugin here and unzip it.
    • Launch your browser
    • Go to the link
    • Maintain the SHIFT key while clicking on the "Load Experimental Extension" on the upper left corner. This is very important to maintain the shift key while you click.
    • In the file selector, select the location where you unzip the files you downloaded before. Several files are availlables, one for each language. Select the one with the language you want.
    • At this point, all is ready to use. The Blocks for controlling the Blackvoxel Robots are in the "More Blocks" section.
    • You can switch to Scratch when you are in Blackvoxel with the F4 key. To switch back to Blackvoxel, click anywhere in the Blackvoxel Window.

    Blackvoxel use TCP/IP networking to communicate with Scratch, so it is possible to run Blackvoxel in one computer and to launch Scratch in another computer. In this case, you'll have to use the advanced command block on Scratch program with the "IP" setting to select the IP of the machine with Blackvoxel.

    (2) Using another external language.

    Blackvoxel Remote extensions are based on a standard style "Ajax request" system. It's not limited to Scratch and can be used with any language, even Javascript in a web browser. When web extensions are enabled, Blackvoxel provide a http web server running on the port 48559. Further informations will come. In the meantime, you can look at the Scratch Javascript extension files for quick informations on the command used.



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