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  1. Blackvoxel 2.5 "Vehicles and Chemical Major Update" is out

    On Thursday 5th August 2021

    A new major Blackvoxel update is out

    We are proud to relase a new Blackvoxel update. Here is the main features you'll find on this release. We hope you'll enjoy it. 

    For this version, we'll bring a lot of long awaited features. But also some general improvements to get the game more polished and some parts of the code refactored.

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    A lot of vehicles

    A lot of new, carefully crafted and tuned vehicles. Not less than 11 vehicles : cars, trains, lifts with different speed, features and capabilities to gives a new dimension to the game. Make roads, train railways and use lifts to make efficient ground extraction. This comes with add ons to make impressive jumps with car or improve trains capabilities with engines.

    Blackvoxel, the car

    The Car

    This new vehicle bring you more freedom for exploring the world. With 5 variants provinding different speed and physics capabilities, and of course, different costs.

    The experience of high speed driving in Blackvoxel can be especially fun.


    Blackvoxel Train

    The train

    The train is the way to travel at high speed without the hasle of driving. In addition, the train can carry voxels of your choice. Like the car, there is variants of train with different speeds and payload capabilities. Make railways trough the lands of Blackvoxel.


    Blackvoxel Lift

    The Lift

    Tired of climbing endless staircase ? Be happy, the lift is now in Blackvoxel. With very simple working, a rail, a lift and it's on. Like Cars and train, lift have variants with different speed, costs and element resistance.


    Jump BlocksJump blocks

    Make impressive big jumps over terrain with your cars using these higly reactive "jump blocks". Some cars have also capabilities to jump on their own.

    Blackvoxel add onAdd on system

    Upgrade your train in order to make it faster with additionnal engines. You can add a lot of engines depending on the type of the train.

    Chemical production

    Full "in world" voxel chemical reactions already existed in the game as it was part of our engine from start. Now, we introduced chemical production as a new goal in the game objectives. With new materials and liquids. And full "in world" voxel chemical. you'll have to extract materials and elaborate ways to make efficient chemical transformation. It will be needed to make high end vehicles. Making a big tank full of swarming voxels reacting in realtime is something impressive.

    Blackvoxel Chemical ReactionBlackvoxel Chemical Reaction


    New Blocks, machines, materials, GUI improvement.

    A lot of general improvements to make the game more polished, more playable. A new base machine, an heater plate for improving metallurgy, new ores and transformations, little GUI improvement.


    Spinner Image

    Circular Traveling Cube

    In order to help Youtubers to make video with interesting visuals, we have created a cube to make fluid circular travelings : the spinner. It can be used to show anything you want. The parameters can be modified in real time with keys and saved to file.

    Blackvoxel Hotplate


    Make your molten metal business a step ahead with the HotPlate. Your huge fused metal bath will stay hot. Make heavy metal industry refining.

    Blackvoxel 2.5 new ores

    New ores...

    New ores where added to zones and we introduced a new transformation process using chemical reactions.

    Blackvoxel Blue Liquid

    New liquid

    Can you find how to make this new liquid ? Yes, you can't find it in the world, it's up to you to make it. You'll discover that this liquid have some amazing capabilities.

    Blackvoxel GUI improvementGui Improvement

    There is always something to add in order to improve ergonomy.


    New Area...

    A new zone, with tremendous ore density, particular material and acid tanks is now extending the Blackvoxel world.

    Blackvoxel new area


    Raspberry PI 4 Support

    As we like this little computer, we take time to bring support of this new device at optimal level. We added detection or Raspberry PI 4 and automatic parameter tuning to take advantage of the new BCM 2711 SOC and it's VideoCore VI new graphic core.
    We can say that Blackvoxel particularly appreciates the improvements made to this new hardware and it's improved memory amount.

    Blackvoxel Raspberry PI 4


    Other changes

    As always, a lot of improvements were made.

    • Bug fixes
    • code refactoring
    • New Linux distribution support


    This is very important for us

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    Have a good game.

    The Blackvoxel Team


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