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  1. Blackvoxel 2.40 released

    On Sunday 10th February 2019

    Hello Blackvoxel Players,

    We are proud to announce a new Blackvoxel Version and a very important change in regarding the access to the Blackvoxel Binary Executables.

    The main technical feature change is the creation of Gamemodes. The game has been split into two gamemodes : Adventure and School Mode.

    From now on, accessing the executables files now require payment for the Adventure mode version. A "School Mode only" version remain availlable without payment.

    Blackvoxel needs to grow and that's why now  the team decided to change the access to the Blackvoxel Binary Executables.

    Blackvoxel stay a libre software under the GPL V3+ licence.

    Have a good game..

    The Blackvoxel Team


    Blackvoxel gamemode selection

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