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  1. Blackvoxel Adventure (full version)

    Blackvoxel game is a Free Software under the GNU GPL V3+ licence.

    Blackvoxel developpement with it's very own game engine took years of work and optimisation. And as everyone knows, Free Software developpers also have to pay their food and bills. 

    Blackvoxel Binary Executables are proposed in exchange of payment (read FSF statement about paying to get free software).

    Develoment status : Fully completed
    Package content : "Ready to Run" Executable Files of the actual version of Blackvoxel Adventure Mode
    Updates : if any new version of Blackvoxel is released, you'll get the update for free upto 5 years since the date of purchase. Supported platfoms and game features may change.

    Distribution Conditions : Licenced under the GPL V3+ Software Licence

    Compatible platforms included in the actual executable package:

    PC : Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu 18.04LTS 64 Bits, Debian Stretch 64 Bits
    Raspberry PI 2/3 : Raspbian Stretch

    Price : 29.99€

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