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  1. Blackvoxel 1.39 is out

    On Saturday 18th July 2015

    This new 1.39 release is mainly a stabilization version based on returns of the community on the v1.38.

    Moreover, we are proud to announce the availability of Blackvoxel packages for Mageia GNU/Linux. These package are made by Daniel Tartavel from LibrePC. Thanks to him.

    Main modifications :

    • Fixed wrong squirrel program template
    • Removed clipping from PlayerSetAccel() and PlayerAddAccel()
    • Changed name of PlayerSetAccel() and PlayerAddAccel() to PlayerSetVelocity() and PlayerAddVelocity().
    • Fixed launch editor bug with Windows Os
    • Added failsafe system for display mode in case of bad settings
    • Set right documentation page for RTFM voxel
    • Added missing templates for programs.

    Don't forget... report any new bug in our forums.

    The Blackvoxel Team

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