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  1. Blackvoxel 1.38 "Machine Code" is released

    On Sunday 28th June 2015

    Yes, it's here... finally. After months of work, we are proud to annonce the new major 1.38 beta release of Blackvoxel.

    Among new features :

    Interactive manual

    Pressing the F1 key while pointing a cube will display the manual page about it.

    Assembly langage Robot

    A new programmable robot made to learn assembly language. This new educational tool include a complete virtual machine with a virtual processor, a virtual hardware, an integrated assembler, a complete ingame monitor, disassembler and debugger. Processor and hardware are specificaly made for learning.

    Direct program Edition

    Use your favorite code editor directly from Blackvoxel. Launch program edition with a simple click in the game.

    Easier game

    Mining robot is now easier to get. After all, Blackvoxel is a game about automation... not manual mining.

    In addition, a new XR-3 mining robot has been introduced in the game.

    New operating system support

    Welcome to debian 8 to the supported operating systems.

    Modding interface

    In this version, we introduce the first version of a modding API interface. This first version helps creating active voxels. We'll post examples soon.

    A much more ... new element, bug fixes, improvements

    Improved memory pool management for voxel extensions, new fast library for number format, translated comments to english, voxel size parameter (Modding), improved makefile, Image bitmap saving, support for vertical screen ratio, support for "on the fly" colored text... and a lot of bug fixes, code improvements...

    Don't forget... report any bug in our forums.

    The Blackvoxel Team


    ASM Programmable Robot

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