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  1. Blackvoxel 1.34 is released

    On Monday 2nd June 2014

    The new 1.34 version of Blackvoxel is out and brings ameliorations, changes and bugfixes.

    Thanks to our community for reporting bugs, remarks and suggestions.

    Here are the changes since version 1.32 :

    • Controls : Added key "c", "v", "b", "n", "x" as an alias for mouses buttons (left, middle, right, scroll down, scroll up) for machines without some of theses (some laptops, macs, special controllers, etc)...
    • Game Testing : Added jump-points for saving several player positions (Experimental : Game must be compiled in dev-mode).
    • Fixed : Lava river zones didn't rendered correctly since 1.31 and the new zonemap format.
    • Fixed : Important state save bug with some elements.
    • Started : Long term progressive work of restructuration, cleaning, code rework and documentation for better integration of contributive work.
    • Added : GetFontPixel() now give access to font bitmap for easy making various text slides with Squirrel.
    • Improved : New Makefile for operating system and architecture automatic detection. Now work with 32 bit Linux and Windows version.
    • Added Linux Mint packages.

    Have fun !

    The Blackvoxel Team

    Blackvoxel voxelwall

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