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  1. Blackvoxel is now a free software !

    On Tuesday 13th May 2014

    Blackvoxel is now a free software.

    We said at game launch that one day, Blackvoxel will become a free software.

    This day is now!

    So, the full and complete Blackvoxel game is now released entirely under the GNU GPL V3 free software licence.

    This mean you can now get the game freely, source and executables.

    Blackvoxel is a recent game but we released it early to free software because the educational nature of this game for learning programming requires a free open source distribution.

    We also hope that the community will appreciate our efforts. We would like the community to be actively involved in this project.

    This game cost us years of efforts and works. In return, we count to the community for financial support to continue active development.

    You can now download the new release 1.32 of Blackvoxel.

    Thank you for your interest and your contribution!

    Blackvoxel Sequencer

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