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  1. Blackvoxel 1.30 is released

    On Sunday 17th November 2013

    The new 1.30 version of Blackvoxel brings a huge lot of amelioration, changes and bugfixes.

    Thanks to our community for reporting, remarks and suggestions.

    Here are the changes taking into account the seven beta released since the 1.21 version.


    • Added : A new application log system.
    • Added : The RTFM voxel.
    • Improved : Aspect ratio support with Eyefinity/Multiscreen and non standard screens.
    • Added : manual setting Opt_SectCFactor in the Settings_Hardware.dat to change one of the sector rendering optimisation agressiveness.
    • Added : Programming : bool PlaceVoxel3D(int x,int y, int z, int VoxelType) function.
    • Added : Programming : bool PickVoxel3D(int x, int y, int z) function.
    • Added : Programming : int Look3D(int x, int y, int z) function.
    • Added : Programming : bool MoveVoxel3D(int sx, int sy, int sz, int dx, int dy, int dz) function.
      Added : Programming : var GetInfo(int InfoNum) function (Infonum=0..16).
    • Added : Programming : var GetInfoName(int InfoNum) function (Infonum=0..16).
    • Changed : Removed voxel_input interface flag from XR robots to prevent extraction robots to see containers in other extraction robots.
    • Added : voxel_output interface to XR robots so content can be emptied by some means. XR robots can be emptied using other voxel mechanism. When they are empty, they restore to their original state and can be collected again.
    • Fixed : Programmable Robot : Improved init/load/save code.
    • Fixed : Programmable robot : Added stdout flush after print command.
    • Fixed : Programmable robot voxel_input and voxel_output now works as intended.
    • Fixed : XR Extraction Robots hanged when no storage was found. Now search for new storage.
    • Fixed : programming : Voxel_Load and Voxel_Unload was buggy. Fixed : Little memory loss.
    • Improved : Programming : Access to libraries (iolib...) is now enabled.
    • Fixed : Programming : GetX(),GetY(), GetZ() get the right voxel location after Move() is called.
    • Fixed : Programming : PlaceVoxel() function. Voxel in a slot didn't disappeared when quantity reached 0.
    • Fixed : Programming : GetGameTime() function returned a negative number. Now return the number of millisecond since the start of the game.
    • Fixed : Added support for new BMP variant format used by recent version of The Gimp.
    • Fixed : Silicon Wafer manufacturing list now include the needed blackrock blue.


    • Fixed : Minor problem in the player save file.
    • Fixed : Sometimes crash when removing the computer or changing program when a Squirrel program is hanging.
    • Added : Modded Squirrel core for supporting program force stop.
    • Fixed : Programming : GetInfonum() and GetInfoName() returned nothing with offset out of range.
    • Fixed : Manual : Symbol section are now displayed in the manual summary.
    • Fixed : Programming : Look3D Function do not crash anymore when looking at an inaccessible location.
    • Fixed : Programming : PushVoxelTo() function. Voxel in a slot didn't disapeared when quantity reached 0.


    • Fixed : User-Texture Engine can now be broken with the base constructor/destructor tool.
    • Added : Large address aware activated for windows 32 bits.
    • Added : New UserData directory for user program data. Data saved by your scripts should go in it.
    • Added : New Functions for programming :  int GetRobotLevel(), int GetRobotID(), var GetPath(int PathType), var GetInfo(int InfoNum),var GetInfoName(int InfoNum), PlayerMove[/b](float x, float y, float z), PlayerAddAccel[/b](float x, float y, float z), bool [b]PlayerSetAccel[/b](float x, float y, float z)


    • Fixed : GetPath() and GetInfoName() functions can be used now in Voxel_Load() and Voxel_Unload() as these functions where intended to.
    • Fixed : GetInfo() with indexes 20...22 can be used in Voxel_Load() and Voxel_Unload()
    • Fixed : PickVoxel3D(0,0,0) doesn't crash anymore.


    • Added : GetInfo(23) Give the context of execution where function are called.
    • Fixed : GetInfo(22) Now return the right script number when Voxel_Unload() is issued at program change.
    • Fixed : PickVoxel3D() should work correctly now.
    • Added : GetInfo(24) Give the number of slot of the robot inventory.
    • Added : Started an internal squirrel test program for better detecting some regressions and little bugs.


    • Improved : GetGameTime().
    • Added : The F10 "Fear key" for testing some new features. Save your world before using it.
    • Improved : Redesigned the Blackvoxel Font.


    • Added : new interfaces GetInfos and SetInfos for communication with voxels.
    • Added : Input Switch voxel for using with robot.
    • Added : Indicator light voxel for using with robot.
    • Added : new programming function var Voxel_GetInfo(int x, int y, int z, int index)
    • Added : new programming function bool Voxel_SetInfo(int x, int y, int z, int index, var info);
    • Added : new programming function var Voxel_GetInfoDoc(int VoxelType, int index, int infotype);
    • Improved : Redesigned RTFM voxel.


    • Added info text for the RTFM voxel
    • Blackrock white can be collected with base constructor/destructor.
    • Made an unique version for Windows. The time computing codepath used for Windows XP version is generalized to all versions (More Precise).

    Blackvoxel Metallurgy

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