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  1. The 1.21 is out

    On Thursday 13th June 2013

    The 1.21 version of Blackvoxel is released.

    Here are the changes :

    • Added the first "lifeform" voxel.
    • Fixed flashing display bug found in rare ocasions.
    • Fixed a weird bug with Windows XP. Added a specific version for this OS.
    • Added a new huge zone with canyons and big waterfalls.
    • A new liquid.
    • New automatics : Sequencer, Mover, Selective Mover.
    • New machine : Symbol Printer Unit.
    • Symbol Voxels concept introduced, starting with 4 voxels.
    • Alignment voxel dedicated to help with mecanism direction.
    • Removed "Cheat" keys remaining from the time before the tech tree.
    • Added "dust particles" field at high altitude.
    • Improved render code for faster framerate on somes.
    • Fixed constructor/destructors abilities.
    • Changed the  drilling sound behavior for less headaches. Volume decreased. Drilling sound cut after the first bloc. Less realistic but more enjoyable.
    • A lot of little fixes and optimisations.

    We hope you'll enjoy our work.


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