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  1. Blackvoxel 1.20 is out

    On Monday 29th April 2013

    We are pleased to announce the release of Blackvoxel 1.20.

    This new version include many new features. We achieved a lot of work on the game during the last months.

    In the major additions, this new version brings many machines and the metallurgy.

    The number of voxels has almost doubled and the tech tree has been implemented as well as many elements working together.

    Summary of the new features :

    • Metallurgy : molten metal blocs which can be mixed to form alloys. 10 possible metallic alloys . Interactions with water.
    • Tech tree implemented for creating the voxels: 18 new machines, many parts. The tech tree is complete for all existing elements.
    • Documentation of new elements and production methods in the manual.
    • Ground modification : change in the minerals distribution, addition of 12 new minerals, liquid layers added, materials hardness changed.
    • New Sounds : new sounds created for various player's actions.
    • Reorganized Universe : enhanced zone repartition in order  to make some of the new zones more close to the starting point. Ground level changes between zones were introduced in order to give our universe more dénivelations.
    • Refined interfaces : new selection screen for worlds, ingame interfaces improved.
    • Many fixes, optimizations and undetailed improvements.

     We hope you'll enjoy our work.

    Blackvoxel Melting Furnace

    Blackvoxel Melting Furnace

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