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  1. New release 1.12

    On Thursday 13th December 2012

    This release brings many improvements to the game.

    • Big graphic engine rework. Better rendering speed and arbitration. This was needed for optimal performances of dynamic reaction features.
    • Completely reworked sound engine.
    • Completed the Voxel Dynamic Reaction Engine. This feature enables to start showing what's the goal of our game. We start introducing the dynamic features that what was annonced long ago.
    • Chemical reactions introduced.
    • Interractive dynamic blocs : Moving rocks, Moving liquids, Voxel manipulation for interaction with environnment.
    • Automatics and bloc manipulations : pumps, materializers, loaders, light transmiters.
    • Software Interfaces between voxels allow some of them to communicate, make material transfers or various other things.
    • Vehicles : Plane is completed and availlable. Flight simulation in blackvoxel.
    • New materials.
    • Dynamic liquids and gases : Water, Green acid, Acid Gas.
    • Playfield expanded with 3 new zones. It's where you'll find liquids.
    • 64 bits native version for Linux, that's adding 2 versions of the game for a total of 6.
    • Windows 8 added to supported OS.
    • A lot of things we forgot to mention, bug fixes, internal changes, optimizations, etc ...
    • To do : A lot of things.
    • Missing : Material and feature user guide. It will be released in the next days/weeks.

    We hope you'll enjoy this release. More to come further. More automatics, more programming. Remember the goal of BlackVoxel : a game to learn automatics and programmation in an interactive voxel world.

    Blackvoxel Green Acid Zone

    Plane Z1 Blackvoxel

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