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  1. Update 1.11 is out...

    On Thursday 19th July 2012

     Changes for this 1.11 version.

    • Default mouse setting changed : Mouse was too fast by default with common 800-1000 dpi modern mouses. So changed the default setting to 2.5.
    • Inverted mouse left/right button functionnality : Because the "dig" function need to press the button for a long time, we found it's less tiring for the fingers muscle to have it on the main click button because the finger muscle of are more accustomed to long press on the left click than in the right click. There are not yet settings to return to previous settings. But most user seems to prefer that configuration.
    • Giant Trees forest look changed : We don't liked the look and the textures in the previous version. In fact, it was mainly a placeholder that remained from developpment. So we redesigned all that zone with the a new black forest look. We hope you'll like it.
    • Enabled "Jump and build" again : We disabled it because we disliked the facility to climb with making giant columns of one block. We wanted the player to find more clever ways to climb than doing that. Infortunately, it appears that limiting this hability can be painfull in creative use. So we re-enabled that possibility again. 
    • Changed the name of the data and setting storage directory in Linux. It was ".blackvoxel" and we modified it for "Blackvoxel". We did that because some users reported it was difficult to find it because the dot make it a hidden folder. It will be better for accessing with gimp and other tools for working with user defined textures.
    • Added the ability to get a lot of materials for creative use : Press "k" key to get your inventory full of the block of the game and also some fast "constructor-destructor" tools to dig and build faster.
    • Stopping the game with "Escape" now returns to main menu.
    • Fixed a lot of little bugs.
    • Some other internal changes that won't concern final user like the way we built the different packages.

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