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  1. Blackvoxel Alpha 1.10 is out...

    On Tuesday 22nd May 2012

    After many month of developpment since the first released demo, we are proud to announce the release of the alpha 1.10.

    Unlike the first version wich ran only on Linux, Blackvoxel is now also availlable on Windows.

    Two version of the game are availlable, one is the demo version you can download and test without paying but with some limitations. The second, the full version is availlable now for 4.99€. This is the price you pay if you buy your licence now. It can go up in the future when the game will have more features.
    At this point, game is mainly creative and exploration.

    Some features :

    • Multiple environnments : Huge trees, Huge mountains, lava rivers, Flat surfaces, abstract structures...
    • Virtualy unlimited in the 3 dimensions : no "sky limit", you can go into space.
    • You can make your own blocs with personalised textures : upto 32767 user definables blocs (exact number depends on video memory).
    • Very High resolution textures 512x512 per texture.

    Download demo

    Buy the full version



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