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    On Thursday 19th April 2012

    New alpha release soon...

    A lot of work has been accomplished since the first alpha release of BlackVoxel and we will release another new release soon...

    We spent over a year in making the game engine itself. It was a hard work with a lot of technical problems to solve. Finaly, the goal is reached with a fairly optimised engine using multithreaded architecture. And it's not finished.

    Now we can speak about the game story and what we planed month ago...

    The story...

    The story take place in the future.

    Tired of the civilisation, you decided to retire to a distant world. You bought a new discovered planet in your local planet selling agency.

    The dealer made a good price on a paradisiac planet with beautiful landscape with islands, sandy beaches, palm forest and a beautiful blue sky. The catalog showed a friendly world populated of peacefull animals.

    You take your new ship and go through the long journey. During the trip, you dreamed of your new world. And finaly, after a year of boring travell you reached the orbit and started the landing procedure.

    Infortunately, you hit an asteroid that was not on the map and your ship was heavily damaged. The ship wasn't controllable anymore and finally you crashed on your planet.

    By chance, you still alive, but most of your equipment and materials was destroyed.

    As soon as you looked around you, your realized that the planet wasn't what the dealer promised to you.

    What a strange and desolated world with a black sky and strange luminous blocks !!!

    All what you see is uncommon and you know nothing about it...

    As you look on your personal digital assistant, you noticed you received an important email that arrived using powerfull long distance intergalactic emitters : the agency said that they may have made a mistake because someone confused planet data files. They said that in the eventuality you remain alive, the sales contract did not mention the details of the surface of the planet, and infortunately, they can't made any exchange and refund.

    But before you can do something, you have no choice : you have no intergalactic ship to escape and no suitable communication equipment to query some help.

    What you will do now is up to you...

    Gameplay of the game

    The game is based on exploring a totally unknow lost world and progressing using intelligence and technology to overcome obstacles.
    Modern methods, tools, automation and programming will be the means to produce and build to advance in the game.

    More about some of the yet implemented features and some wich are goals for the next features.

    Features (some are not yet implemented)

    > Virtualy unlimited World in the 3 dimensions : You can dig or climb for your remaining life ;)
    > Make your own user defined voxels with your own high resolution textures : Upto 32767 depends on your graphic card memory.
    > New ring zones : Lava rivers, Stick jungle, Mathematic curves, Huge tree forest (1500ft huge trees), Very huges moutains...
    > Multithreaded architecture take advantage of multi cores processors to handle some heavy treatments of the game.
    > Real time chemical reactions between voxel elements.
    > Voxels machinery and automation.
    > User programables voxels which interact with the environment.
    > Electronic logic circuits.
    > Controllable vehicles: Car, Plane ....

    Pay attention to the fact that at this point the game is still in alpha stage and nothing is fixed : the features of the game may change.




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