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  1. Blackvoxel alpha is released

    On Monday 10th October 2011

    It was a very long road and many hours we spend in developpment to come here.

    The first Blackvoxel released version pre-alpha 0.1 is here and  can be tested now !

    At the time, the project is in very alpha state and is far of being finished.

    We know the road will be very long again to achieve a finished game because there are a tremendous amount of things to do.

    The game itself won't be a free project and the game will be sold, be for now you can test it freely as long it is a limited alpha version. There is no sound yet and no gamesave.

    The alpha demo can be tested on Linux operating system only. Blackvoxel is born on Ubuntu and is all written in C++, but we may port it later to Windows and MacOS.

    You may find the universe of Blackvoxel is very different of what you know.

    I done something I was dreamed on. It is a fiction world with darkness and luminous graphics as was the video games when i was young...


    Download blackvoxel demo... 


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