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  1. New release 1.13

    On Wednesday 30th January 2013

    Some big features for this version that brings you programmable robot voxels, belt conveyors, a lot of new materials. And now, vehicles in the demo version : The plane isn't restricted anymore!

    Majors and minors changes for this version.

    • Programmable robot using the Squirrel programming language. Fully enabled Squirrel libraries and a special API to drive the robot.
    • Belt Conveyors. Transports voxels placed on them.
    • Plane is not restricted anymore to full version and can be tested in demo.
    • Voxel Redesign : Bomb, User Machine, Coal, Iron and some others.
    • New materials and active voxels : Uranium, Nickel, Diamond, Copper, Base machine.
    • Terrain structure : added materials.
    • Windows Version : Changed storage location from user "roaming" data to "my document".  The goal is to make it more accessible to the user.
    • Modified : clip limit on player view pitch limited.
    • Miscellaneous minor changes and bug fixes.

    We hope you'll enjoy these improvements. Stay tuned for more upcoming features...



    Blackvoxel Belt Conveyors

    Blackvoxel Robot

    Blackvoxel Robot